Year: 2016
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Family, Sci-Fi

“Time has looked at your faces now. And time never forgets…” What if your planet was massacred and you were the sole survivor? What if a legendary figure out of space and time found you a place to hide? But what if the things that want to kill you have tracked you down? And worst of all, what if you haven’t studied for your A-Levels…? Like all sixth-formers, the students at Coal Hill School have hidden secrets and desires. They are facing their own worst fears, navigating a life of friends, parents, school work, sex, sorrow—and possibly the end of all existence. Coal Hill School has been a part of the Doctor Who Universe since the very beginning – the Doctor’s granddaughter, Susan Foreman, attended as a student; the Doctor’s first companions, Barbara Wright and Ian Chesterton, as well as his latest companion, Clara Oswald, were teachers there; it was even the site of a Dalek civil war as a result of it being the Doctor’s choice as the hiding place of a powerful Gallifreyan artifact—but it has come with at a cost. All the time traveling over the years has caused the very walls of space and time to become thin. There’s something pressing in on the other side, something waiting for its chance to kill everyone and everything, to bring all into Shadow. Fear is coming, tragedy is coming, war is coming. Prepare yourselves, Class is coming.


Seasons Class
Last Episodes
Class Season 1 Episode 8 03 Dec 2016
Class Season 1 Episode 7 26 Nov 2016
Class Season 1 Episode 6 19 Nov 2016
Class Season 1 Episode 5 12 Nov 2016
Class Season 1 Episode 4 05 Nov 2016
Class Season 1 Episode 3 29 Oct 2016
Class Season 1 Episode 2 22 Oct 2016
Class Season 1 Episode 1 22 Oct 2016