Year: 2016
Genre: Adventure, Reality-TV

“Fierce” sees BAFTA Award winning TV naturalist Steve Backshall seeking out the world’s most fierce animals. The series takes Steve on six epic adventures to Guyana, Mexico, Namibia, Indonesia, Australia and South Africa, where along the way he encounters the world’s most venomous snake, the Inland Taipan, gets perilously close to the largest carnivorous reptile in South America, the giant Black Caiman, attempts to track down the endangered Giant River Otter and stakes out the feisty and fearless Honey Badger. As well as going eye-to-eye with American Crocodiles, swimming amongst Bull Sharks and narrowly escaping the jaws of the extraordinary Komodo Dragon, Steve also meets the people living cheek by jowl with these dangerous predators and those who have miraculously survived being attacked by them.


Seasons Fierce
Last Episodes
Fierce Season 1 Episode 6 31 May 2016
Fierce Season 1 Episode 5 17 May 2016
Fierce Season 1 Episode 4 10 May 2016
Fierce Season 1 Episode 3 03 May 2016
Fierce Season 1 Episode 2 26 Apr 2016
Fierce Season 1 Episode 1 20 Apr 2016