Year: 2012
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Family

Based on the book “Good Christian Bitches”, “GCB” is a funny, sassy and heartwarming drama that begs the question: Can you go back home to a place where no one seems to have grown up? When former mean girl Amanda Vaughn (Leslie Bibb) moves back to Dallas 18 years after high school, former unpopular teen-turned-diva-of-Dallas Carlene Cockburn (Emmy and Tony Award-Winner Kristin Chenoweth) gets a major dose of PTSD. To top it off, Amanda’s living across the street from the Cockburns with her feisty mother Gigi Stopper (Emmy Award-Nominee Annie Potts)! Amanda has changed for the morally better but Carlene and her other victims — the GCBs — have their doubts. The GCBs now rule the school that is Dallas society and are about to settle the score with Amanda Vaughn. The other fabulous GCBs include the shrewd, distinguished CEO Cricket (Miriam Shor); the endearing, consummate housewife and mother, Sharon (Jennifer Aspen); and the self-made, always-single-but-on-the-prowl Heather (Marisol Nichols). Behind every great GCB (except Heather, of course), is a great husband, which includes Carlene’s Ripp (David James Elliot), a devoted hunk with a secret or two; Cricket’s Blake (Mark Deklin), her gorgeously fabulous better half; and Sharon’s Zack (Brad Beyer), a good-time guy and former pro athlete. Oh, let the games begin…


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