Year: 2017
Genre: Reality-TV

In each episode of “Unplugged Nation”, a new family will tour three uniquely “unplugged” properties, in remote locations across America. Before they make their final decision on a home to purchase, they will test out this new lifestyle by living in one of the properties for four days. Off-the-grid expert and outdoors enthusiast, Jay Gruen, will guide each family in the skills needed to transition to a self-sufficient way of life. From harvesting their own food and tending to livestock, to generating their own power, to creating their own home goods – each episode is packed with useful tips on how to successfully live an unplugged lifestyle.


Seasons Unplugged Nation
Last Episodes
Unplugged Nation Season 2 Episode 2 14 Jan 2017
Unplugged Nation Season 2 Episode 1 08 Jan 2017