Year: 2016
Genre: Comedy

Lovable fantasy fanatic Morpheus (Danny Kirrane – Trollied) manages a bong shop (Stoned Henge) with his neurotic sister Sarah (Rose Reynolds – The World’s End). His secret crush is their mate Alison (Gwyneth Keyworth – Game of Thrones), the quirky girl who runs a tattoo business out the back of the shop, and his cocky best friend Kent (Dylan Edwards – The Job Lot) sleeps on the sofa, rent free. Together they’ve been living in each other’s pockets since school and aren’t moving anywhere fast. But Morpheus is a dreamer, and his dreams take the form of his hero Sean Bean (Game of Thrones), who appears in full GoT-esque garb, as Morpheus’ personal spirit guide, to help him navigate the rough seas of wasting your twenties. Fun, facetious and jam-packed with surreal visual sequences, Wasted is a series about the stupid things you get up to when there’s nothing much to do.


Seasons Wasted
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