Year: 2015
Genre: Crime, Thriller

Eve Winter and her task force must solve the chilling murder of 23-year old mother Karly at a hauntingly beautiful fishing town south of Sydney. After the success of 2014’s TV movie The Killing Field, Rebecca Gibney returns to the screen as Detective Sergeant Eve Winter in Seven’s new series Winter. Peter O’Brien will reprise his role as Detective Inspector Lachlan McKenzie. Enter Federal policeman Jake Harris (Matt Nable) who isn’t keen to share his case; or star witness Indiana, but Eve’s instincts tell her to dig deeper. Meanwhile Lachlan is running a parallel investigation into his own cold case, another murder in the same coastal town eight years ago. Between the picturesque backdrop of the south coast and the busy city of Kings Cross, Eve has to juggle her personal life, professional life and the competing interests of the case. What is the connection between Indiana and Karly? And how are these two related to Lachlan’s cold case? What started as a straight domestic homicide will uncover secrets buried decades deep and push Eve’s team to breaking point. This major landmark series is full of twists and turns as a detective under the gun works to put together the pieces of an intricate and mysterious crime.


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